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El Blanco campsite to Coyhaique

Distance: 22miles

Average speed: 12mph

Moving time: 1h50

Door to door: 2h05

After a catch up with Hugo Rook and the Hanson Smith family we headed to get some jobs done in Coyhaique.


What a frustrating place. Firstly getting over charged for a tiny portion of breakfast then all the bike shops being shut so not being able to fix Roos gears. Instead we got a couple of haircuts and discussed in great detail why it is there is no fresh fruit or vegetables here in the South of Chile. Fact of the day two thirds of the Chilean population are obese. Too much junk food everywhere you look.


Rio Manihuales to camp spot with Klass

Distance: 57miles

Average speed: 10mph

Moving time: 6h10

Door to door: 9h40


One of those days where everything takes longer because we wanted to stop to take self time photos which the unbelievable scenery. We also again bumped into our friend Klass! We cycled together for a bit but in the end we pedalled ahead and said we would meet at a campspot after the climb 30 miles ahead.


By the time we reached the campsite it must have been 8 o’clock and we were convinced Klass wouldn’t make it. At 10 o’clock he pulls up with a huge smile on his face as we were popping the popcorn for his arrival!


La Junta camp site to river side Chaitén

Distance: 88miles

Average speed: 13.7mph

Moving time: 6h15

Door to door: 8h52

Determined to get as many miles cycled today so that we could make it to Peurto Montt in time for the Wales v England rugby game! We headed off to get as close to Chaitén as possible.


After reaching a river side camp spot we had eggs and bacon for supper! What a treat, although as always there wasn’t enough.


Hualaihué to Peurto Montt hostel

Distance: 64miles

Average speed: 13.4mph

Moving time: 4h30

Door to door: 6h15

Our last day in the Careterra Austral. We both actually feel fairly sad to be saying goodbye to such an outstanding road.


So many ups and downs in the last 14 days. The main lows have to be our stove breaking so leaving us with no hot food for three days, all our belongings being soaked for four days straight and the first (and hopefully last) fall. All of these low points though are trumped by the incredible highs; the most incredible views of lakes, mountains and glaciers. The breathtaking camping spots we managed to find and meeting some great and seriously generous people along the way.


Once we checked into our hostel in Peurto Montt we asked the owner for a recommendation for a local pub. We heading off for a much deserved beer and some food. We met some locals who kindly let us join them, three big men all enjoying a few beers on a Friday night. They were all so generous and offered us food and beer, they even offered us a lift to Santiago on Monday. We accepted the first two but had to turn down the lift, they really didn’t understand why we didn’t want a free ride! What a fun evening, a lovely way to finish off the Careterra Austral.


Coyhaique to Rio Manihuales

Distance: 62miles

Average speed: 10mph

Moving time: 6h10

Door to door: 9h40

Today we had a choice, stick to the gravel Careterra Austall road or go on tarmac roads around the gravel. We are doing the Careterra Austral so obviously we chose the gravel! It really messes with your head when you know there is a easier option so accessible, but we trucked on knowing we had to take this route! A beautifully sunny day though and time to test out our new Yerba Mate cups. We drink a lot of Yerba (Chile Tea) check out the pictures of our fancy cups!


Highlight of the day was completing the 62 miles and pulling up to our favourite campspot so far! What a find, on the river, ready made fire pits and a Dolbek (beer) in our bags.


Moments like these are simply the best. Makes us realise how lucky we are!


Camp spot with Klass to La Junta

Distance: 55miles

Average speed: 11.5mph

Moving time: 4h40

Door to door: 11h00

Early start and time to stock up on food supplies in Puyuhuapi. We are so good at getting distracted. Planning on popping in to grab food and a quick coffee in a cafe then getting straight back on the road is never that simple. After we catch up with our families whilst draining the WiFi in a cafe it seems two hours or so has flew by! Giving Klass enough time to overtake us again!!


We bought Klass some popcorn as it isn’t easy to find here and he was super greatful!


We were planning on heading to a wild camp spot I just outside La Junta but when the rain started pouring we cracked for the easier option of a campsite in town.


River side Chaitén to Hualaihué

Distance: 44miles

Average speed: 11.6mph

Moving time: 3h32

Door to door: 11h07

At 4 am there was a sudden panic from Roo as he went to the loo and stepped outside the tent to find his foot deep in water. The tide from the river had come in. Luckily Roo and his sea man skills could tell the tide had come in as much as it would and that it was now heading out again so we were safe.


Once the alarm went off we cycled the 6km into Chaitén to buy the tickets for the ferry and stock up on snacks for the trip. As always we seem to like having to rush to the ferry, I blame Roo being to relaxed about timings. So the next 30 miles we had to tank it! We really did, 30 miles in around 2 hours on gravel roads, we made it though. Knowing we could put our legs up for the next 4 hours is a real treat.

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