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About us

From a young age both Roo and Jim have enjoyed playing sports and during their five years at school were often team mates.  Since then they have both completed several physical challenges but were still looking to push their limits.

After successfully finishing his second marathon in 2018 Jim was looking for a bigger challenge to complete but wasn't sure what to do. Roo had completed various bike trips throughout Europe and had found the physical exhaustion very addictive. 


After having multiple discussions together about those crazy but amazing people throughout the world who have done some incredible physical and mental challenges, both Jim and Roo started thinking what they could do and came up with the idea  of cycling the length of South America in four months. 


In addition the boys wanted to ensure that this cycle could fundraise for four charities very close to their hearts.

After discussing it over and over again and they finally came up with the name Toe2Top the guys finally decided to take the plunge - after all who wouldn't want to spend four months cycling the Andes living in a tent!?




Training for such an enduring challenge like this isn't easy. Getting your body prepared to cycle up to ten hours a day for 130 consecutive days, through the longest mountain range in the world doesn't happen easily. 

The guys have been training incredibly hard. Spending hours and hours before and after work doing spinning classes, yoga classes, pilates classes, you name it (if you want any tips about good classes to choose in London ask the guys!). Living in London really hasn't made it easy to get some quality time biking outside in the saddle. The long rides which have been done have been on the weekend to Richmond Park or to Box Hill. This is all great but Box Hill is a lot easier than any of the climbs the boys will face in the Andes! 

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